AM Backs Plans To Mark The Centenary Of Women’s Suffrage

Ogmore Assembly Member and Welsh Government Minister for Children and Social Care Huw Irranca-Davies has backed plans for a series of events to mark the 100th anniversary of women being given the right to vote.

Communities across Wales will be able to bid for £300k of grants for events to celebrate the achievements of women. There will be a public vote to decide which two women, who have made a significant contribution to Welsh society and history, will be commemorated by the commissioning of statues.

Our Welsh Labour Government has sponsored Women’s Equality Network Wales to deliver a project to celebrate the ‘top 100’ Welsh women and in the Autumn, the public will be able to vote to choose the Welsh women who they believe have been most inspirational. Two statues will be commissioned as a result of this project. For more information about the scheme see: 

Huw Irranca-Davies AM said: “Such an important event in our history, however it wasn’t until ten years later with the passing of the Equal Franchise Act of 1928 giving women the right to vote at age 21 that women could vote on the same terms as men. These plans are not only about marking this event, but also empowering future generations by highlighting role models and celebrating achievements of women that are too often almost invisible in our history.”