• cathybevan8

A busy morning with Ogmore Valley Pride at their latest clean up

Huw Irranca-Davies MS spent a busy, productive morning helping out the Ogmore Valley Priide volunteers at one of their latest clean up sessions.

Following the event Huw said:

"That’s the way to start a Friday!

Before meetings, I got my wellies on to help a great bunch of volunteers from Ogmore Valley Pride cleaning up the river-banks along the Ogmore washeries.

It was a good chance as well to catch-up on some the local environmental improvements including duck-walks across boggy areas and steps up the mountain-side, and planting schemes too.

This is a beautiful valley, and this investment of funds and time from volunteers and others makes such a difference to making improvements which all residents and visitors can enjoy.

The group go out each Friday morning, if you’re interested. Thanks you all!"

To find out more or help out during a session ring 07534 163726 or look them up on Facebook